The Estate

At the origin “Les Funambules” (The tightrope walkers) are 4: Suzy, Gilles, Cyril and Guillaume. We all grew up in winegrowing families of Ammerschwihr in Alsace and each of us evolved in this environment for several years.

In 2018, we decided to create our own estate: we brought together the vines of our respective families, amounting 11 hectares, and began to vinify our first cuvées in 2019.

We cultivate all of our vines ourselves in Agroecology. Organic Agriculture is our base. Sustaining Biodiversity, Living Soils and Agroforestry are our banners.

We vinify living wines, as naturally as possible and without artifice.

It is a human adventure in which we are accompanied by a happy team: Jade, who helps us in the daily work, our friends and families.


Searching for balance, so that wine vibrates and lives free!