Our wines are vinified as naturally as possible. They are the expression of a whole year of work and meticulous attention paid to our vines. Thanks to healthy vines, we obtain the best possible ingredient: healthy grapes that contain everything needed to vinify living wines, without any artifice.



We like to vinify them as much as in single varietals, as in blends to highlight the terroirs or even in partial or total maceration.


Our harvests are manual, human and festive. About twenty pickers loyal to the post, know how to brighten up this crucial moment of the year by picking the grapes over a period of about a month. We juggle in a sometimes acrobatic way with the weather to pick the grapes at their full maturity, depending on the grape varieties and future wines. Rigorous manual sorting of the berries is applied directly on the plot in order to vinify only the healthiest grapes.



Fermentation takes place spontaneously, thanks to the native yeasts naturally present on grapeskins. We do not use any oenological input other than homeopathic doses of sulphites, only if necessary.

Our pneumatic press allows us to make gentle and long pressings of 10 hours on average, without damaging the berries and leaving us the possibility of separating the juices if we consider them too extracted.

Macerations are a major asset in our vinification methods: they allow yeasts to multiply better and ensure stable fermentations while bringing more tannic and aromatic complexity to the wines. Our white wines all go through a partial maceration of a few days and 4 of our cuvées go through total maceration for a few weeks (Zénith, Crépuscule, Nuit Noire and Corde Red).

We intervene very little during vinification: neither fining, filtration, chaptalization nor other manipulation that could distort the potential of the wines.


Our vat room is made up of old oak tuns and barrels (between 5 and 20 years old), stainless steel barrels and a sandstone ceramic jar.

The aging time depends, on the dynamics of fermentation and the profiles of the wines: between 8 and 20 months depending on the cuvées.


Searching for balance, so that wine vibrates and lives free!